Why Does My Heat Press Keep Clicking? (Solved)

It starts out like any other day – you’re preparing to create some custom t-shirt designs in your heat press. 

As the machine slowly warms up, you suddenly hear an irritating clicking noise. 

Click, Click, Click, Click.

This sporadic clicking continues as you operate the press, disrupting your workflow. 

You inspect the press but can’t pinpoint exactly where the noise is coming from and you start wondering – why does my heat press keep clicking.

This is an all too common scenario for heat press owners. 

Clicking noises can appear out of nowhere and be very frustrating to deal with. In many cases, the clicking signals an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

In this post, I’ll help you get to the bottom of why your heat press keeps clicking and help you stop the noise.

#1 Faulty Thermostat

One of the most common causes of a clicking heat press is a faulty thermostat.

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The thermostat controls the temperature of the heating element. If it starts to malfunction, it can rapidly cycle on and off.

Each time it turns on or off, the expanding and contracting of the internal components creates a distinct click.

Signs your thermostat is the culprit include:

  • Clicking sound in regular intervals
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • “ERR” or error messages on the display


Replacing the thermostat is usually the best solution if it is defective.

Make sure to get one specifically designed for your make and model of heat press. Swapping in a universal or incorrect thermostat can lead to additional problems.

#2 Solenoid Valve Problems

Many heat presses use a solenoid valve to control the airflow and regulate temperature. 

Issues with this valve sticking, jamming, or wearing out can also cause clicking noises.

The solenoid has an internal plunger that moves to open and close the valve.

If the valve is sticking, the plunger will rapidly open and close again, hitting the sides of the valve body and making a distinctive metallic click.


Try cleaning the valve first using compressed air. 

If that doesn’t remedy the issue, the entire solenoid valve may need replacement.

#3 Loose or Broken Internal Components

The internal components of a heat press are under a lot of pressure and movement each time you clamp down. 

Nuts and bolts can loosen over time. 

Springs and brackets can also become damaged or fatigue from repeated use. 

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This can allow parts to move and click against other components when the press closes.


You need to inspect all of these. Areas include the handle bracket, hinges, and any springs/mechanisms around the heating element itself. 

Loose or Broken Internal Components

Tighten anything loose and replace any broken or warped parts. But be careful not to overtighten nuts and bolts.

#4 Electrical Issues

For presses with digital controls and electronics, electrical issues can also lead to clicking noises. 

Problems with the wiring, circuit board, or other components can cause them to rapidly switch on and off. Each time they cycle power, it creates an audible click.


Electrical issues require the expertise of a qualified repair technician. 

Don’t attempt to service or replace complex electronic components on your own. 

Provide as much detail as possible when describing the issue to the repair company.

#5 Debris

Finally, don’t overlook simple debris which could cause the heat press to keep clicking. 

Bits of paper, leftover material from transfers, lint, and other debris can get lodged into the press’s hinges and mechanisms. 

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As you clamp down, this debris gets pushed into the moving parts and makes a clicking noise.


Carefully clean around the hinges, platens, and other moving joints. 

Use compressed air to clear out any material stuck inside. 

A detailed cleaning can stop clicks caused by built-up debris. Just be sure to wear eye protection and gloves when cleaning a press for safety.


Q: Press Clicks When Heating Up But Not During The Transfer. Still Need Fixing?

It’s likely a minor issue if clicks only occur during warm up. But intermittent clicking can indicate a problem is developing, so best to still investigate and fix it.

Q: Clicks Coming From The Base Of The Press Near The Power Cord. What To Check?

This may indicate a loose, damaged, or disconnected wire that clicks as it makes a faulty connection. Or potentially a problem with the power switch. An electrician should inspect and repair.

Q: MyPress Clicks Loudly When Locking But Not During Heating. What’s The Cause?

Loud clicks on clamp down are typically from a mechanical issue like debris in hinges, a loose/broken bracket, or damage to a spring. Thoroughly clean and inspect these areas.

Q: Can Debris Cause Both Clicking And Damage To My Press Over Time If Not Cleaned?

Absolutely. Built up debris can block components from moving smoothly, as well as damage platens. It’s critical to keep your press clean to prevent premature wear or seizing.

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