Which Side Of Mug To Print On? (Solved)

Printing on a mug for the first time and don’t know which side to put it on?

Printing on the wrong side can be disastrous. In fact, it’s become such a contentious issue that it’s often cited as the leading cause of office disagreements, family feuds, and even breakups.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, hahaha.

Jokes aside, before deciding which side of the mug to print on, there’s one thing you need to consider – is the mug for right-handed or left-handed people?

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of which side of mug to print on for both lefties and right handed people.

Printing for Right-Handed People

If you’re making a mug for right-handed people, it’s a good idea to print your design or text on the right side of the mug.

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That way, the design will face out when they hold the mug in their right hand, and your design will be visible and appreciated every time they take a sip!

Printing for Left-Handed People

On the other hand, if the mug is designed for left-handed people, you should print the artwork or text on the left side of the mug.

Printing for Left-Handed People

So the design will face outwards when the user is holding the mug in their left hand.

General Use Mugs

For general use mugs, like for cafes, restaurants, hospitals or other public places – the decision of which side to print on mug is up to you.

But remember, there are a lot more right handed people than lefties

In fact, only about 10% of the whole world is left-handed!

Other Factors To Consider

It’s important to keep in mind that personal preference plays a role too. There are some people who prefer the design to face inwards when the mug is held.

So if you know the person you are printing this mug for, ask them which way they’d like it to be.

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Moreover, some designs work better when printed on the side of the mug faces away or opposite from the handle.

Bottom Line

The side you print on will have a huge impact on the appearance of the mug.

Ultimately, by choosing the correct side to print on for your intended users, you can ensure that your mug is not only usable but also visually appealing. 

So, if you’re designing one, make sure to give some thought to which side of mug to print on.

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