Sublimation Tape Leaving Marks on Shirt (Solved)

Printing custom t-shirts can be a fun experience, but you might still encounter various challenges. These problems vary, and this guide will focus on a common problem you might have asked about.

Why is sublimation tape leaving marks on shirt, and some solutions?

There are various reasons sublimation tape will leave marks on shirt. These can include using a strong adhesive tape, delicate fabric, or excessive heat press temperatures. Plus, they are several ways of preventing and solving this problem.

An Overview of Sublimation Tape

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Sublimation is a type of tape people use to transfer images to fabric, and different material types. Usually, some common applications of the tape include creating unique apparel designs, custom labels, and customized clothes. 

Most brands use heat-resistant material – making them perfect for creating high-end designs. The tape is also easy to cut into various sizes or shapes. It’s then exposed to a heat press or iron transfer, which sets the image on the material. 

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The result is that the image permanently embeds onto the material and will resist issues like fading. Sublimation tape is also easy to use, but many people still face the marks issue.

The issue of sublimation tape leaving marks on shirts is a common problem. It occurs because the adhesive tape might not suit your shirt’s fabric. Thus, this causes it to leave a sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. 

What are the Causes of Sublimation Tape Leaving Marks on Shirt

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Here are the common causes of sublimation tape leaving marks on shirt:

Cause #1. Heat Transfer 

Excessive heat is a leading cause of sublimation tape leaving marks on your shirts. Why is that? Well, excessive heat can occur due to various reasons. 

These include lack of experience, the wrong temperature settings, or using a worn-out press. Leaving the press on a single section of the shirt for excessive periods can also leave tape marks on your shirt.

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The excessive heat causes the tape to stick to the fabric, which produces a visible mark upon removal. 

Cause #2. Poor Quality Tape 

Sublimation tape consists of an adhesive you can use for heat transfer printing. Users have to expose the tape to some heat, which helps leave marks on the printed shirt. 

Poor-quality tape can cause sublimation tape to leave marks on your shirt. And there are various reasons this can happen.

One is because the adhesive may not be strong enough to withstand heat from the transfer procedure. It can also cause the tape to stick to the fabric, producing marks on your shirt.

Another reason is that the adhesive won’t work well with the fabric – which eventually causes the marks issue. The tape might also lack sufficient heat-resistant functions, thus causing it to melt easily upon exposure to heat.

Cause #3. Improper Method of Application 

Using sublimation tapes incorrectly can also lead to the marks issue. That is because making any major mishaps during the application process will compromise the quality of your designs.

How Do You Prevent Sublimation Tape Marks?

Here is an in-depth guide for preventing sublimation tape from leaving marks on shirt:

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Tip #1. Use High-Quality and the Correct Tape 

Using high-quality tape is “CRUCIAL” for the quality of your sublimation designs. Quality determines values such as heat resistance, the quality of the design, and compatibility with the fabric. 

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You must also use the correct tape type. Usually, shirt makers often use vinyl tapes for synthetic fabrics. However, paper tapes work well for natural fabrics. Pressing the sublimation tape firmly on your fabric is also important.

That is because it helps improve the design’s final finish quality.

Tip #2. Adjust Temperature and Time Settings 

Another crucial aspect of sublimation tape is maintaining the right temperature and time settings. Doing this will help reduce the chances of marks appearing on your shirt.

Usually, the best temperature for pressing sublimation tape averages between 350 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time for pressing sublimation tape is 10 to 20 seconds.

So, you can see why getting the metrics right is crucial for the quality of shirt designs. You also have various other alternatives for regulating the heat. 

Tip #3. Use Protective Sheets 

A good example is Teflon Sheet or Parchment paper to help with sublimation tape leaving marks on the shirt. You can set the protective sheets between the shirt and tape. Doing this will stop the tape from leaving any residue on your shirt. 

Removing the tape carefully is also important when using tape on your shirt. You must pull of the tape slowly to prevent any damage to the shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Remove Heat Tape Marks?

The best way to remove heat tape marks involves using a soft cloth, and some rubbing alcohol. Ensure you also test a small surface section first to ensure these products will work as required. If the surface has no damage, get a soft cloth and use it for this process. 

Why Is My Heat Press Leaving Marks?

There are various reasons why a heat press might be leaving marks on your shirt. It could be due to using excessive heat or the presence of ink impurities. Ensure you maintain your press regularly to avoid such issues. Read how to get rid of them here.

How Do I Stop My Sublimation From Bleeding Through My Shirt?

There are various ways of stopping sublimation from bleeding through your shirt. You can use the correct sublimation tape, lower temperatures, and some teflon or parchment paper. 

What Tape Doesn’t Leave Marks?

One example of a tape that doesn’t leave marks is masking tape. You might have to regulate the way you use the tape for setting the marks. Other aspects like pressure and heat will also be crucial for this process. 

How Do You Remove Heat Tape Marks?

The best way to remove heat marks involves using some rubbing alcohol. It refers to a non-solvent that you can use for pressure-sensitive adhesives. When using rubbing alcohol, proceed with caution because the adhesive can lose its stickiness. 

Bottom Line

As you have seen its possible to solve the sublimation tape leaving marks on shirt issue. It majorly involves using the right technique and materials as we have mentioned above. Plus, practice more so you get the hang of all is needed for this process.

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