Why is Black Sublimation Turning Green? (Explained)

You will likely encounter various challenges in your sublimation projects. One of these challenges often leaves sublimation users wondering, “why is black sublimation turning green?”

There are various reasons for black sublimation turning green. One of these reasons is the chemical reaction involving sublimation ink and fabric paper. It can also be because of poor airflow, excess moisture, and poor ventilation.

However, there is more to this issue than you might expect. Let us look more into it in this guide:

Common Reasons for Why Black Sublimation Can Turn Green

Below are the reasons why black sublimation can turn green based on our research:

Common Reasons for Why Black Sublimation Can Turn Green
Source: Youtube

Reason #1. Compromised Air Flow 

Black sublimation involves printing images on a substrate, often requiring a specialized heating resource. 

Sublimation also requires a specialized printer to produce the designs on paper.

Any compromised airflow may cause the black dye to fail to vaporize. Thus,  this can lead to a yellowish or green tint on the printing. Reduced airflow also produces a graining and fuzzing appearance. It occurs because the ink fails to transfer on the paper as required. 

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Reason #2. Poorly Vented Heating System 

Black sublimation designs involve the conversion of solid particles into gaseous form. This process requires a well-ventilated system. 

However, any issues in the ventilation can increase the moisture amounts. It will create the perfect environment for impurities like mold or mildew.

Moisture increases these organisms’ proliferation, producing a greenish sublimation result. 

One reason is that the organisms can start to produce a green pigment due to metabolic procedures.

Poor ventilation can also increase the accumulation of particles on surfaces. The result will be a color that appears darker and green. The high moisture levels can also lead to corrosion or rusting of black particles. 

Reason #3. Low-Quality Heating Equipment of Techniques 

Using low-quality heating techniques and equipment can also cause the black sublimation to turn green issue. 

That is because sublimation involves a change of matter states – from solid to gas, without going through the liquid phase.

It’s a process that occurs when dye material undergoes heating procedures. During the sublimation process, solid material changes into cases, and then condenses on the desired surface. 

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However, using low-quality heating equipment and techniques will maintain this process. It can also occur because the temperature needs to be higher or the heating equipment needs to be fully functional.

How To Prevent Black Sublimation Turning Green

There are various ways of preventing black sublimation from turning green, including:

How To Prevent Black Sublimation Turning Green
Source: YouTube.com.

Technique #1. Use Quality Sublimation Inks 

Sublimation ink is an ink type that works specifically for this purpose. It’s a process that involves the transfer of a design to a material such as plastic or fabric. 

Ink brands prepare this product to be pressure and heat-resistant. Thus, this makes it less prone to issues like discoloration or breakdown. Therefore, ensure you use quality ink for sublimation for the best results. 

Technique #2. Optimize Printer Settings and Functions

There are various things you can do to improve the printer settings, including:

  1. Improve the print quality setting on your printer.
  2. Customize the color balance setting on the printer, and calibrate them accordingly. 
  3. Evaluate the toner cartridge and replace it when required. 
  4. Check the paper quality and ensure it’s suitable for your sublimation tasks.
  5. Clean the cartridges and rollers in your printer regularly.
  6. Evaluate aspects like temperature and humidity levels when using the printer. 
  7. Ensure you load the paper correctly, and that it’s free from air pockets.

Technique #3. Use Quality Sublimation Paper 

High-quality sublimation paper is an excellent approach to stopping black sublimation from turning green. The quality aspect involves using paper that works well for producing rich colors. It should also be quality enough to prevent the shifting of colors.

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Ensure you also use paper manufactured with sublimation inks, and that it’s compatible with your printer. The paper storage process is also essential. Ensure you store your printer away from the direct sun to prevent color-shifting issues. 

Technique #4. Monitor Sublimation Temperature 

Evaluating the temperature is another reliable technique for preventing sublimation from turning green. Sublimation is a temperature-prone process, and the material used influences this process. 

Ensure you maintain consistent temperatures and the amounts recommended by your brand. The temperature should also be within the optimal range for the material you want to print. Using excessive temperatures will lead to the breakdown of ink and color shifts. 

So, consider aspects like the curing temperature of the material you want to print. Using excessive temperatures can cause the black ink to turn green.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Sublimation Printer Printing Green?

There are various reasons why your sublimation printer is printing green.It could be due to compromised printers, poorly vented systems, and using the wrong technique. Ensure you troubleshoot all these aspects before printing. 

How Do You Get True Black in Sublimation?

The best way to get true black in sublimation is to use a transfer paper that has a black layer. It will absorb the sublimation ink, and produce a true rich dark color on the substrate. You can also use high temperatures when pressing the substrate for the best results.

What Happens if You Overheat Sublimation?

Various things can happen if you overheat sublimation. For instance, you risk damaging the item you want to sublimate. This can lead to the production of fumes or toxins, which can be harmful to your health.

Why Is My Printer Printing Green Instead of Black Epson?

The main reason your printer produces green instead of black Epson is probably due to clogging issues. It can also be due to a dried-up black cartridge. One way you can fix this issue is to clean the print head or contact the Epson firm. 

Will Sublimation Work on Black?

Yes, sublimation can work on black items. Ensure the dye you use for this process is transparent, and the design is printed on the fabric or surface. It will help ensure the color has a slightly faded appearance. 

Why Is My Brother Printer Printing Green Instead of Black?

There are various reasons your printer is printing black instead of green. It could be a dirt or damaged cartridge, clogging issues, and choosing the wrong settings. Try and consult a professional if the issue persists.

Bottom Line

The reason your sublimation black is turning green is majorly due to a compromise in your printing process. Check all the aspects of your sublimation system like the ink, and ventilation to solve this problem.

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